Monday, August 8, 2016

So I Made Some Round Ones

I generally don't make ball shaped bath bombs, I don't like the tiny melon ball or golf ball sizes, they look too small. The size I like the appearance of is, well the size you see here, big enough to go in a cupcake holder LOL. But really, for me they're a bit too big. Out of a single batch for me I get four of these, the other shapes I do I usually get seven.

But I wanted to use these cupcake papers. I bought them for some cupcakes soaps I made but they weren't suitable. I have 100 of these papers. I will not be making 100 of these bath bombs. BTW these are Blackberry Sage Tea, coloured with a little Purple Ultramarine Powder and I dusted a little Cosmetic Glitter on the tops.
 We still have the 1 kg size of Powdered Citric Acid and now have a 3 kg size too.
And for the mold I just used these cheap plastic things, you can get them at Michaels.


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