Monday, October 29, 2018

Gingerbreadman Candles

I'm filling a candle container for a friend, we both like spicey scents so I'm going with Gingerbread Fragrance and refilling a couple of my own containers too.

 Here they are all filled and you'll see the little wax Gingerbread Men I made for the tops. They were made a few days ago with a different batch of wax and it turns out they are too close in colour to the candles. I will save them for another project and make some more.
So a whipped up these guys, they harden quite quickly since I don't fill the mold up all the way. They are a little anemic looking LOL:)
Here they are on top of the candles. I remelted the candle tops with my hair dryer then set the little wax embeds in place. Once everything had hardened I rubbed some gold candle pearlizer on to the Gingerbread men and a bit on the candles too, not much its hardly noticeable but it shows the detail on the embeds a little better.
I added some ribbon to the small jar. This one is for me but you never know, I may decorate it some more if it ends up being a gift.

And here are some more pictures of the one I made for LeAnne. Her jar is at least 16 ounces, that's the biggest candle I've made so far.

 And it has a lid. I hope she's happily surprised when she takes it off.
Thanks for stopping by. The supplies I used are on my website