Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soap A La Garbage

 My sister stayed at a resort once where the daily soup was called Soup A La Garbage, not that it was made with garbage but it was made with leftover bits of stuff, like this soap.
The Paisley mold makes pretty soaps from all your leftover soap scraps. Just weigh out 2lbs of melt and pour soap scraps and melt. I wasn't sure what  colour these soaps would turn out to be, I  had odd bits of various colours, but I think they both turned out pretty good. If you're not happy with the colour once its melted, you can add a liquid colourant or some mica to adjust it.

Breakaway Birds

There are still a few molds from the latest Milky Way order that I haven't tried out. These bird molds have four cavities with two of each of the designs pictured above. Each soap is 4oz so you can melt 1lb of soap and know thats enough to make four soaps. Like the Breakaway Hearts, you can also cut these into guest soaps and have six different designs. Thanks for looking!
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Garden Ornament

Well its not your traditional Garden Gnome, and I didn't actually create him, but this deer is pretty much a permanent fixture in our gardens (he moves around) this summer. Here he is standing in one of his favorite resting spots, actually, he's just stood up from a lie down. Thats right, he lays in this garden and another one closer to the road. Oh, and he likes to eat too, mostly buds and flowers. Sometimes when he's shy, he'll duck behind a shrub. He thinks if he can't see us we can't see him. You can't see in the picture but directly behind him are some tree lillies. They're about 4 feet tall and getting ready to bloom. I hope he can't reach them because I know from experience that he likes lillies!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

3 Fish

Made with the Milky Way 3 Fish Mold. The Orange coloured glycerin soap has a little white mica added to it. I'm sure these would look great in a single (any colour) too. Cute mold!