Monday, May 26, 2014

Milky Way Shells Tray

Here's the other new Milky Way tray mold. This mold has only been in stock for a week or so and there are only a few left. As you can see, I've filled the shell portions with soap coloured with gold mica and then poured green into the rest of the tray. The shell pairs in the middle row required a fair bit of cleanup LOL! I like the way the green turned out kind of minty, I think I used 1lb of emerald green glycerin soap and 1/2lb of goat milk soap, melted together. This mold holds 1.5lbs of soap.

 The picture below is from the Milky Way site. This mold makes really pretty soaps without the layering, love this baby blue colour. Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hibiscus Tray and Five Heart Molds

Originally this post was just going to feature one of a few new molds, the Hibiscus Tray mold. This is a newly designed Milky Way Mold and since I have quite a few of their tray molds and since most of them hold 2lbs of soap, I assumed this one did too.
I melted 1lb each of white goat milk soap and (purple) coloured glycerin soap together, I did add a little extra purple colourant to the melted soap. This soap was scented with Lilac fragrance and then poured into the tray mold. If I had checked on the Milky Way site I would have seen that this tray holds 1.5lbs of soap so I had a fair bit left over. Luckily I had another new mold on hand, the 5 Heart Guest mold, and I had planned to make something with it, so I saved myself a step and filled it with the same soap.

These Hearts are really cute and would make great Wedding favours, they have kind of a Celtic vibe to them.
I don't know why the Hibiscus soaps are both such different colours, its all the same soap and the actual colour is about what these hearts look like. There's a couple of other new molds too, I'll play with them next week. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mothers Day Boxes 2014

 I made some bath bombs last night using the Milky Way Guest Hearts mold. They are fragranced but I left them uncoloured. These are a great size bath bomb, but could also be soaps, for small Take Out Boxes.

 I put the bath bombs in to little cello bags and place two in to each box.
 To decorate the boxes I cut strips of paper 1 & 3/4 inches wide and use stamps and punches to make a decorative sentiment. You could also buy paper flowers or stickers to decorate them.
 I wrap the paper strips around the boxes and tape it at the bottom, be sure to use thin paper, not cardstock. Then I put a couple of  sticky pop dots on the box and attach my sentiment. I get the pop dots at dollar stores, scrapbooking stores carry them too.
Here are the finished boxes with a little ribbon on the handles.

I made some birthday boxes too, thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Floating Candles

I came across this picture from a really old newsletter, it's a floating candle I made using a Milky Way soap mold. Floating candles are hard to find these days and a lot of soap molds can be used for making them.
The mold I used is the Milky Way Victorian Heart and I've made some pretty ones using their Snowflake mold too. Just fill the cavities with melted wax and let the wax harden. After the wax has hardened, remove from the mold and drill a small hole all the way through the centre. Put a wick through the hole, I use the votive style with the little tab at the bottom and put a little melted wax around it to seal the hole. If there's no tab on your wick I'm sure you could still seal the bottom with a little wax. These are a little larger than most of the floating candles I have seen so they burn longer.
Thanks for looking!