Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flip Flop Soap Revised

Here is the revised flip flop soap. The honey soap is going in the flower and strap part of the soap, so its the reverse of the soap I originally did. As a kit, I think this will work a little better, especially if its for a group of girls. With the honey soap you have a little more time to get the detail poured and its a little runnier so it runs down the straps better.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This little penquin looks like he's ready for some summer fun. This card would go better with my flip flop soaps if it had a summer themed background. Looks like I have some shopping to do for more papers. Very big smile :) He's a cutey though, don't you think. And the popsicle in his hand reminds me that I made popsicle cards a few years back. I need to start a shopping list, gotta get suitabely coloured card stock for those.

This is just a practice picture for one of my cards. I either need a new camera, lessons, a picture box or all three (smile). The little froggy is a Ketto stamp fom our local scrapbook store She Runs With Scissors. This is similar to a card I made for my son's birthday. The inside says you're unfrogettable.
The inside and outside greetings are from a stampin up set. I'm going to try for a beach themed card to go with the flip flop soaps.
Just finished a dozen soaps using the Mold Market guest size flip flop mold.
This will be a kit in the store and on our web site. Included will be 1lb of honey soap, 1/4lb of opaque goat milk soap, the 6 cavity flip flop mold, fragrance, some gold mica to add to the honey soap and instructions. You will be able to fill the mold twice for twelve soaps.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Strawberry Bath Bombs

Just finished a small batch of Strawberry scented bath bombs. I wanted to try one of the new to us Mold Market soap molds. They work great for bath bombs too! The pattern reminds me of swirled soft ice cream.

Another Past Soap

I usually make pumpkin soap every fall. I know at least three of our Craft Essential newletters from past years have different variations of the pumpkin soap. They all contain canned pumpkin. I'm not sure which recipe this picture is from but you can see the colour the pumpkin adds to the soap. I still have bars that are over three years old so I know the pumpkin won't spoil once its made in to soap.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Soap From The Past

Soap From the Past
Soap from March 2006 newsletter. There's a lot of this style of soap around these days. This one was done in a silicone loaf mold. You place it on a slanted board to get the diagonal design. I do believe the scent was Chocolate Raspberry. I wish I had some pictures of the cut soap. Hubby cut it for me with a crinkle cutter.