Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rose Wax Sachets

I posted some pictures of wax sachets on my Facebook a while ago and finally got around to making some. I used a soap mold, but you can use anything as long as its not too big. Here are mine.

I used the Breakaway Hearts Milky Way Mold, this gave me one side with a design. Believe it or not it was tricky to drill a hole in the centre of the hearts though:) So my bits in the sachets are rose petals, lavender buds and artificial greenery (just a bit of the artificial stuff, I wanted a touch of green but no potential of shriveling & shedding).

Here's the soy wax after melting and colouring, you can see its a lot brighter in liquid form. You can put a drop on to some freezer paper and check the colour before you pour it.
Here's everything in the molds, it starts to cool and harden fairly quickly. I scented the wax pretty heavily with rose fragrance oil, they are sachets after all. This is a link to the mold, if you're using it for soap you can cut along the lines of the bars and get individual guest soaps with a heart on each soap, but I don't recommend trying that with wax.
These were fun and easy to make and I'm hoping to do some matching candles before Mothers Day.
Any questions, let me know:)