Friday, May 12, 2017

Mooncake Press Bath Bombs

I purchased a 100 gram Mooncake Press from ebay and have been playing with the different templates that came with it. Here I'm showing photos on Bath Bombs I've make with 4 different (of 8) templates. The Bath Bombs all weigh about 120 grams each. In the picture above is my 1st batch scented with Pineapple.
These ones are Blackberry Sage Tea.

And the pink ones are Black Raspberry Vanilla.
Green with Green Tea. They all have a sprinkling on cosmetic glitter, I put a bit in the mold but you can sprinkle it on after too, and set it with a spritz of rubbing alcohol.

Here's a close up.

I like just a bit of colour on the top. Originally (with the Pineapple fragrance) I was putting the layer of colour last so it was on the bottom.

Group shot, thanks for looking!