Monday, October 31, 2011

Free Holiday Downloads

Get these cute tags to add to your packages and cards this holiday season. They are free from I have been adding them to my gift tags and on to some takeout boxes as well.You'll need a colour printer and some white or beige cardstock.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Joy Mold Chocolates

If you fill the the bottom portion of the Joy mold where the letters are with chocolate, are you will get cute small bars that say the word Joy. I didn`t get a chance to trim the edges of these before I snapped the photo, its hard to get good light after work so I took this on my way out in the morning. Then after work I ate them, you know, to check the quality and all. I can assure you this mold makes great tasting chocolate. I`ll try it out for soap when I`m not so hungry.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Soap 2011

Here are pictures of the Pumpkin Soap from the October newsletter. The picture in the back is the soap after I had remixed it - it was originally three layers but the bottom layer overheated. The front left (darker) soap is the colour the second layer would have been, the lighter part in the corner on the same bar was the colour of the very top layer. The soap on the right is the same soap that gave me trouble in the slab mold, the layer that had the cinnamon e/o in it. It was fine as smaller bars because it didn't get as hot. The individual bars were poured from excess soap that didn't fit into the big mold and they ended up doing much better because they cooled faster. The darker bar and the bar at the back have gotten even darker since I took this photo because they have Vanilla fragrance ( and Irish Creme). The Vanilla will eventually turn the soap a dark chocolate colour. It would have looked really cool in layers :(