Goat Milk & Coloured Glycerin Melt & Pour

To make this soap you will need 1.5lbs of Goat Milk Melt & Pour Soap  (white) and .5lb of Coloured Glycerin Melt & Pour Soap. You can get the Glycerin pre coloured or buy the clear and colour it yourself once its melted. Our soap is scored and a 2lb block has 8 rows of 5 squares. You will also need fragrance or essential oil (optional), a soap mold or tray that holds 2lbs of soap and a cookie sheet. To keep my mold from overheating I set it in a cookie sheet with a bit of cold water.
We are low on coloured glycerin soap at the store right now but this photo shows how the soap is scored. For 1.5lbs (this will be the Goat Milk), cut 2 short rows off a 2lb block of soap, you will be left with 6 rows of 5 squares.  Cut this soap up into the squares and put it in a double boiler (covered) to melt. When its just about all melted, cut 10 squares of the clear or coloured glycerin and put them into a measuring cup or glass bowl. Melt that soap in the microwave using 20 second bursts. Its a small amount of soap so it shouldn't take long to melt, don't overheat it.

Once both soaps are melted you can add fragrance, I usually add 2tsp of fragrance to the Goat Milk soap only. Now your mold is already in the cookie sheet, right? Take the melted Goat Milk soap and pour all of it into the 2lb tray. Now pour the coloured soap in. The coloured soap will pretty much disappear but don't worry, you'll see it again when you unmold the soap. If you have any bubbles you can spray them with rubbing alcohol or just trim them off when the soap hardens. Leave the soap for a few hours, its a big bar and will take a while to cool and harden. Then unmold and cut in to bars.

 Here's a link to a soap where I added a bit of goat milk soap to the coloured glycerin soap
and here's one where I used two colours of glycerin soap. This one turned out really pretty!
I like to use the Paisley Mold (used here) and the Op Art Mold (Below).
Here's a link to all of our molds. Let me know if you have any questions!

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