Sunday, January 31, 2016

Black Raspberry Vanilla 2016

So for my first soap of the year I've made a simple batch of Black Raspberry Vanilla with a hanger swirl. This soap was very popular at Christmas even though its not a Christmas fragrance.

I glittered the top a little and used pink ultramarine powder and purple mica for the colourants.
You can see the same soap from last year here, its got a little more colour in it.

Thanks for looking! My next post will be a new to me soap.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Pink Mica Bath Bombs

I've become a little addicted to adding sparkle and colour to the outsides of my bath bombs. These are Black Raspberry Vanilla bath bombs made in the Wavy Hearts Mold (10% off this month). I spritzed the bath bombs with  a mixture of rubbing alcohol and pink mica, a small pinch of mica in a 60ml bottle is plenty, just give the bottle a good shake before you spray. 
You can make the colour as light or dark as you like depending on how many times you spritz each bomb. I made this fragrance at Christmas in a Star mold and left the bombs white with a little iridescent glitter sprinkled on top, this scent sells really well. Happy New Year and thanks for looking!