Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Goat Milk & Honey Soap with Oatmeal

I used 2lbs total of soap to make these soaps in the Milky Way Bee with Honeycomb molds. I got nine soaps, so I filled all 4 cavities of 2 trays and 1 cavity of a third tray. You can use any molds or even a 12 inch drawer organizer, which holds 2lbs exactly.
Melt 1.5 lbs of Goat Milk melt & pour. In a separate container melt .5 lbs of Honey melt & pour. You want both soaps melted at the same time. Fragrance the melted Goat Milk soap. I used 1 tsp each of Lavender and Litsea Cubeba essential oils, I'm intending this to be a Gardeners Bar. Stir a handful of oatmeal into the Goat Milk soap after you fragrance it.
Now start to fill your molds with the Goat Milk soap stirring gently as you pour, you want to get some of the oatmeal into each soap, you may even have to spoon a bit of it in. Leave a little space at the top of each mold for the honey soap. Quickly top off each bar with the melted Honey soap. It will sink to the bottom of the mold and carry some of the oatmeal with it. These soaps will all be a little different when you unmold them, or mine were anyway, but they all look really neat. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Acorn Tray and Layering

I dug out another of my really old soap trays, this one only had one little crack and I was very careful not to make it worse. I wanted kind of a burgundy coloured soap so I mixed a little red liquid colour in to some purple glycerin soap. With the tray I did my usual self layering using mostly goat milk soap and then with the trees pictured below I did the defined layering. You can see the coloured soap looks darker with the defined layering.

 For the Santa and Star soap I mixed the leftover coloured  and goat milk soaps together for a dusty rose colour. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pinecone Tray

I've had this Milky Way tray mold for years and it has seen better days for sure. I used it to make the soap pictured above, it did have some cracks around the rim but as long as it wasn't  overfilled all was well -until I went to take the soap out of the mold and cracked it all the way down a corner.

So then I put a lot of tape on that corner and used it to make this soap. You can see I also used a little more cappuccino mica in this soap, its more what I was going for. I may have to retape the mold every time I use it but I don't mind. Thank for stopping by!