Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Soy Wax Tart Melts & New Molds

We have some Milky Way Wax Tart molds at the store and on the web site so I decided to try a few of them out. I didn't have any suitable wax on hand so I melted some of our Beanpod Wax Beads.
 I used McIntosh Apple, Cinnamon Bun and Pumpkin Pie. The molds have eight cavities and one tube of the wax beads will fill five. The amount of beads seems to vary a little so I just divided the melted wax evenly to make five tarts. In my microwave two bursts of 45 seconds was enough to melt almost all of the beads and a few little swishes of the measuring cup I had them in finished the melting process. They harden in about an hour.

Aren't they cute? You could also make small bath bombs or bath melts in these molds.

The picture of the jars below isn't great but these little glass jars from Superstore each hold five wax tarts perfectly.

Here is a picture of the mold I did not try. I think this butterfly would be cute with a fruity scent like Lemon, Lime or Orange-Vanilla, yum!  Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Blue & Green Dolphins - Playing with Colour

Here's a variation on an old post from 2010 using multiple pours of coloured soap. You need as many hands as you have colours because they are poured at the same time. For the variation, I filled my molds part way with some Goats Milk melt and pour and then added the colours, which in this case was only two. The shape of the mold helped the colours to stay separate, I really like the way these Dolphin soaps turned out.

 You can see in the background that I have a tray mold in a cookie sheet of cold water, that's for the leftover soap. I melted a full 2lbs of Goat Milk soap and a 1/4lb of each colour.
Here are some Dolphins having their close up.

 I poured the left over Goat Milk soap in to the tray mold and then the coloured soaps, one colour at each end.
These flowers are a bit of a fail. I had my sister help me and we did purple, pink and yellow soaps. Although the soap turned out pretty,  I was hoping for something more like the leaves we did in  this post. Thanks for looking, any questions let me know in the comments.