Saturday, February 27, 2016

Piped Topping Cut- Beach Themed Soap

 Here is the soap loaf I posted yesterday freshly cut but not trimmed. I got eight large bars, I could have had ten if I had made more embeds. The mold I used for the shells and starfish is at the bottom of this post.
 Here's a few close ups. Next time I'm going to make my batch a little larger, I was unable to fill the mold all the way because I was robbing soap for the piping. The soap I saved to pipe, it was just a guess at how much to save, I had to let sit for 30 minutes or so to thicken up.
The embeds have some white mica on the outside, I was toning down the colours LOL. There is also some iridescent cosmetic glitter on top of the piping, its not showing well in the pictures.

Below are some shell Bath Bombs I  made to go with the soaps, they'll probably be gone by the time the soap has cured but I can make more.
And lastly this is the silicone ice cube tray I used for my little starfish and shells.
Thanks for reading!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Piping Soap, First Try

So this is what I made last night, I took the pictures just before I covered the soap. I'll have more pictures tomorrow once the soap comes out of the mold but since this was my first time piping soap (or ever using a piping bag) and had to post these today. I know the piping isn't great or very high, I was just guessing how much soap to save for the piping and I used it all. The shells and starfish were made in a silicone ice cube tray, I'll post a picture of it with the unmolded soap. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pink Grapefruit & Lemon

I was trimming and wrapping this soap when I realized I hadn't taken any photos. I wish I had taken one in the mold and also the whole loaf out of the mold but here's what I got. Some are trimmed and some are not. I'm happy with how well the citrus oils held up, the scent is mostly Grapefruit but you can smell the Lemon too. Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Side Embed Soap

First I made these, I actually got four of these slabs by using my silicone mold with dividers.
You can see a picture of the mold here.

Then I made this. I took two of the slabs, they were about one day old, so still a little sticky, and put them in/on the sides of the mold. Then I sprayed the soap and the mold with rubbing alcohol and filled the centre of the mold with soap.
After cutting and trimming the soap, here's what I got. Since it's February I stamped the soap with hearts. Not too bad for the first time trying this.
There's a few tutorials on Pinterest for Side Embed Soap and this is the one I used. Next time I would like my embeds to be thinner so I'll have to pour them in a tray and them cut them to fit the mold.
Let me know if you give it a try and thanks for reading!