Sunday, December 18, 2016

Lemongrass & Myrtle

I made some soap yesterday with a new to me scent blend of Lemongrass and Myrtle essential oils, equal parts. Smells great that's for certain!
 I used chromium green oxide and blue ultramarine powders for my colourants with a little green mica added to each and tried to do minimal swirling with my hanger LOL. And I did add Titanium Dioxide to the rest of the soap to whiten it up.
So its nothing too fancy, the fragrance is the star of these bars, and of course they won't be ready for Christmas. Here's a link where you will find the recipe.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Thrift Store (Sally Ann) Finds

So I've had thrift shop envy, I lot of customers have been showing be me really neat cups etc that they've picked up at thrift stores and garage sales. I took my self to the Salvation Army last week and found these treasures. The cup and saucer set was $2.00 and the pinwheel crystal wine glasses were $3.00 each. Of course they are for candles.
I melted a few shavings of green candle dye with the wax, trying to go for the lighter green in the holly on the teacup. The fragrance I used is a mish mash of Peppermint, Pine and Christmas Spice.

 A warm kitchen makes for nice smooth tops LOL, I am going to have to remelt the wax in the cup to add some wax berries though.
 These boxes from the dollar store (I bought a couple) will hold one of these candles perfectly, there will be room to wrap the glass in tissue paper too.
My wax berries are not the right red to go with the berries on the cup and saucer, I'm going to tone down the colour a bit. At the bottom of this post I'll put a picture of the pearlizer I used. Years ago one of my boys made a ton of beeswax candles and we used to put this pearlizer on the red and green ones, I can't believe I found it.
 So I put pearlizer on the berries and the rest of the candle too and on a whim I set it with a few hair dryer blasts. The bit of heat on the pearlizer has given it a sort of antique look in real life.
 I do not have a box for this one (yet) but I know who I'm giving this too. She's a relative who loves Christmas dishes and I hope this will go with one of her sets called The Holly & The Ivy.
 Here's the Pealizer, it looks like white eye shadow and I'm sure that would work too.
Thanks for stopping by!