Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pastel Glycerin Soaps

 One pound of clear glycerin soap with one square of lime green coloured glycerin soap. Fragranced with Pear.
 One pound of clear glycerin soap coloured with one square of pink coloured glycerin soap. Fragranced with Cotton Candy.
 One pound of clear glycerin soap coloured with one square of purple coloured glycerin soap. Fragranced with Spring Rain.
Clear (non coloured) glycerin soaps seem to be trending right now, but just as I don't like a really white opaque soap, I like a little colour in a glycerin soap. To see what I mean by one square of coloured soap refer to the pictures in this post.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pine Cone Potpourri

The tubes pictured above contain scented soy way beads. The brand is Beanpod and I sell them
in my store. I used two different fragrances to scent some dried pine cones. The scents were different from what's pictured. I used Vanilla Coffee, which is tan coloured for the two largest pine cones. The rest were done with Cinnamon Bun which is kind of beige. Soy wax melts really easily, it has a low melting point so you can melt it in the micorwave in a measuring cup. I did 45 second intervals on high. Do not try this with regular wax, your cup could overheat and explode.
Edit: Soy Wax Flakes are soft enough to melt in the microwave and will work the same as the Wax Beads, you will need to add fragrance to the melted wax.

I dipped the cones in the melted wax, three times for each cone and set them
on wax paper so the wax could harden. I didn't wait for it to harden in between dips.

 You'll get a little blob of wax on the bottom after the wax hardens.
You can trim it off easily with a small knife.
This would be great at Christmas with Holiday fragranced soy wax.
These cones are really fragrant and in real life you can see the sutble
contrast in the two different colours.
Thanks for looking!

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