Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blue Clay Beads

As with the Green clay beads, these Blue clay beads sink to the bottom in melt & pour soap. The soaps here are clear melt & pour with a bit of white mica and peppermint oil and some blue clay beads stirred in. Very simple. The effect is cool and icy. Thanks for looking!

Hot Chocolate Cones

I had the privilage to work on some home made Christmas gifts with some of my favorite friends (the small kind:). This is a recreation of one of the projects we did. For each package you need two cellophane cones. One cone holds a cup of hot chocolate mix. This is tied and trimmed at the top and placed inside the second cone. Then candies and marshmallows are added. Tie off the top of the second cone then decorate.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Seeing Stars

If you like ornate Christmas molds you can't beat the Milky Way Star Mold. It makes such pretty soaps, and bath bombs too. The first picture here looks kind of orange but is pinker in real life. These were coloured with pink mica. The stars in the picture below were coloured with cappucino mica. For both soaps the mica was added to clear melt & pour and then a layer of goats milk was added on top (which ended up being the bottom the way they are now ha!). Thanks for looking.