Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gardener's Exfoliating Soap with Coffee

Melt & Pour Soap with added coffee grounds is nothing new, but I came  across a really cute tutorial on Pinterest here that makes use of empty soda cans for the molds. Cans cut really easily  using sharp tipped scissors, you have to poke a hole in the can to start cutting. I cut mine about 1/2 way down. She also used scissors to cut the can away from the soap once it hardened. I kind of peeled the can away from the soap once it was hard but was left with the very bottom part of the can stuck on the soap. I had to put the soap in the fridge for a while then wiggle the last bit of the can off the bottom, I was to chicken to try cutting the leftover bit of can without gouging the soap.

These are all of the can bottoms that I had to pry off the soap. Below is an idea for wrapping the soaps using unbleached coffee filters.I bought the basket style filters and placed the side of the soap that was the bottom of the can (the side with the ridge around it) into the flat part of the filter and then just pleated the filter around the soap and taped it down, its really easy.
For five soaps I used 1lb of Goat Milk melt & pour, 3 tbsp of ground coffee and 1 tsp of coffee fragrance. The tutorial actually calls this Coffee Kitchen soap and calls for slightly different amounts. Check out her wrapping, its really pretty! Let me know if you try making  this soap!