Thursday, July 25, 2013

Honey Soap & Butterflies

The latest soap shipment also includes some  Glycerin with Honey melt & pour that's a little darker than what we got last time. I told the manufacturer that we're used to having the honey soap a nice amber colour so they used a different kind of honey, now it looks more the colour that I'm used to. The three bars at the top of the photo are made with the paler honey soap, which is still nice.
Here's a closer look, the butterflies show up nicely with both kinds. I actually like the mix.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Butterfly Guest Mold Bath Bombs

Another mold I've been meaning to try is the new Milky Way Butterflies Guest Mold. I made a single batch scented with Lavender essential oil and coloured with a bit of purple powdered colourant. I had a hard time capturing the detail in the photos but in real life the butterflies show up great.
This link to a post a month or so ago will give you the basic recipe. Thanks for looking!

Pink Puppy Paws

Why oh why did I wait so long to try the new Milky Way Puppy Paw mold? The little paws are filled with some Goats Milk melt & pour soap that's been tinted a very light pink. The background is from our new shipment of coloured glycerin melt & pour, I added one little square of goat milk soap to the pink glycerin when I was melting it. It made the pink soap a little less clear, I like it that way sometimes. The little paws were easy to  fill and the soap was already starting to harden in the mold by the time I'd done them all. I did a little cleanup with a toothpick and then gave them a good spray with rubbing alcohol before adding the pink soap. I was really glad that I had the pink soap already melted and fragranced. This soap is scented with Strawberry fragrance. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pre Coloured Melt & Pour Soap Back in Stock

It was slim pickin's in our selection of pre coloured melt & pour soap lately. We were down to yellow and lime green, but that has changed as of this morning. We are restocked in emerald green, red, pink, purple and are now carrying blue as well. We were unable to get that one last time. All coloured melt & pour soap has been priced at 10% off until August 31.