Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cotton Candy

Here's a small batch (just these four bars) of melt & pour soap scented with Cotton Candy fragrance. Made with 1lb of clear melt & pour (with some pink coloured chunks) & poured in to an eight inch drawer organizer, the clear soap has a some blue cosmetic glitter added to it and there was a bit more sprinkled on top after the pour. Place the coloured soap chunks in to the mold first then spray with rubbing alcohol before pouring the clear soap in to the mold. If you want to use glitter, it gives a little more sparkle than mica, make sure its cosmetic grade. Look for it in the makeup sections in drug or department stores. If you're lucky you'll find a pack of mixed colours. Look closely to make sure its not in a gel, you want free flowing glitter if you want to stir it in or sprinkle it on top. We've only had this Cotton Candy a few days and its already got a following.

Spring Rain Soaps

and scented with our new Spring Rain fragrance these flowers have just a hint of colour in the mold detail and really do smell like springtime. To fill in the detail (esp on the two flowers in the front) its easiest if you have a dropper or pippette. Last year I did the ones pictured below with a small measuring cup but it was more difficult and it looks like I gave up and went to solid colours:)
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Fragrances

 Cotton Candy
 Chai Tea
 Honey Pear & Praline
 Arabian Sandalwood
Spring Rain
All cosmetic grade fragrance oils. Great for soaps, salts, bath bombs and other toiletries. Also can be diffused or used in candles.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

A Crafty Easter Project

I was inspired to make an Easter wreath after seeing Kristen's awesome one here:
She even has instructions, how sweet is that? Alas, I could not find the materials and had to improvise.
Pictured above is a Dollar Store (actual cost was $2.00) wreath and pictured below is the decorated wreath. The flowers are from the Dollar Store as well, ribbon from my sister. The only other thing I used was a glue gun.
Once I find some rolls of mesh I'll make a "real" one.
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