Monday, June 30, 2014

Shell Tray & Starfish Sand Toys

Yikes, its been a month since my last post and as you can see I am still using and loving the Milky Way Shell Tray soap mold. This soap is done is subtler colours using Goat Milk soap base with a bit of Honey soap base, 1.5lbs of the Goat Milk & 1/4lb of Honey done like this. I like to pair these soap with some starfish bath bombs made using some sand toys as molds, just scroll down to see a picture of the sand toys.
 Starfish shaped bath bombs.
These starfish came in a package of sand toys, there were 4 or 5 other shapes which I may or may not use one day. It doesn't matter because they were only $1 per package.

Here's a little group of both together. There's lots of tourists around right now so these go fast.
Thanks for looking!