Sunday, November 20, 2011


OK this picture is totally off centre but you get the idea. The first batch I did of these (with some little friends) were made with un iced brownies and the instructions said to attach the smarties etc with melted chocolate. We used icing and it worked pretty good. You really need some white icing if you want to make brown eyes. I ended up three short for the amount of kids these were for so I went and bought a small slab of premade brownies that were already iced. Waayyy easier and since I didn't bake them they were less dry too:)

To Bleed or Not to Bleed

The top red layer of this soap would normally bleed into the the white layer over time but hopefully the thin brown layer will act as a barrier. If the red does bleed a little into the brown it shouldn't be noticeable. Non bleeding reds are hard to find and will usually bleed eventually anyway (with melt and pour).

Monday, November 14, 2011

Gift Tag Banners

These holiday banners are made from our luggage style gift tags. One package of 10 tags for $2.50 will give you enough tags to make both of these banners. I stamped the letters with some large alphabet stamps but you could cut the letters out of construction paper or do what I call the ransom note style and cut letters from titles in magazines.

Christmas Mice Soaps

Nothing says Christmas like little mice wearing stocking caps. These caramel coloured mice are made with honey (mostly) and goat milk soaps. All Milky Way seasonal molds are currently sale priced at 2 for $12.99.