Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Tray Molds: Crazy Hearts & Guest Tree of Life

 Just in stock, the Milky Way Crazy Hearts Tray soap mold and the Guest Tree of Life Tray soap mold. As you can see from the photos the Crazy Heart Tray will give you nine soaps and the Tree of Life Tray will give sixteen. Both trays hold two pounds of soap. I tried the Heart mold out last night with some Cherry fragrance and the Tree of Life with a Spearmint & Lime blend. Sorry for the crummy pictures, its really cloudy here.
In the picture below I had to cut off the bottom row of soaps to get close enough to show some of the detail. These molds are both really great and I wish I had ordered more of this one in particular, I only have five.

The picture below is a little better, showing four of the sixteen really cute bars I got from this mold.
 The Crazy Hearts, I haven't cut yet, and I think the pink is a little bright. So I may remelt it with some other soap. We'll see:) Thanks for stopping by!

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