Friday, January 30, 2015

Bees, Honey & Crazy Hearts

Two more new to us molds this month are the Filagree Bee, 4 cavity and the Guest Bee, 5 Cavity. I haven't added these to the website yet because I only got a few of each and they probably won't last long in the store. I'll put them on next week if I still have any.
These soaps are made with mostly Honey Glycerin soap base with a few squares of Goat Milk base added give the soap an opaque look. The are scented with Lavender, I love the combination of Lavender and Honey.

The guest bee soaps weigh 1.5 ounces each.

The Filagree Bee is 2.5 ounces.
Below is the Crazy Heart tray mold with some of the same soap. I prefer this caramel coloured soap over the pink from my last post for sure! Speaking of colour, the honey soap I used was a from a long time ago when the honey soap was darker, actually it tends to darken with age. Anyway I came across it when I was cleaning up after Christmas and I love the colour, especially when a little goat milk soap is melted with it. With our regular Honey Glycerin soap you can get this colour by adding a little bronze mica. Thanks for reading!

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