Monday, January 5, 2015

Mason Jar Candles

 I've been wanting to try these Mason Jar Soy Wax Candles for about a month now. Over the holidays they were all over Pinterest and I sold a lot of soy wax flakes to folks who were making them as gifts. I didn't look up any specific instructions so you could say I was just winging it. The jars I used are 250ml (on cup) sizes and I  melted 12 ounces of soy wax. I thought I would be able to fill both jars with a little left over wax but after I filled the jars there wasn't any extra wax. Luckily I didn't need to top the candles up once the wax hardened :) As you can see above I used two wicks per jar, sticking the wicks down with a little melted wax. I had planned to keep the wicks from flopping around with pencils (without rubber bands) but the pencils kept rolling away so I had to secure them with rubber bands. Really could have used an extra pair of hands for that part.
 These candles are fragranced with French Vanilla fragrance oil, I did try to look up usage online and in the end went with 2 teaspoons. Its really a personal preference thing and I think I got it right.
I've made some little tags, the one above is secured with hemp twine.

 This tag is secured with bakers twine.
And I lit one, "just for you". Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!

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