Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cranberry Peppermint Candles (& Yogourt)

Ok, my candles don't contain  yogourt , but the jars I used came with yogourt in them.
Its unusual to find yogourt in glass jars, this brand came from Thrifty's and the glass jars (once washed LOL) are great for making little candles or you could plunk a T lite or votive inside too.
I wanted to make little Cranberries for my candles so I used my silicone Blueberry mold with red wax, I'm hoping to pass them off as Cranberries due to the colour.
So whatcha think?
And here's a jar with the soy wax. I poured red coloured wax in the bottom, this wax is scented Cranberry and the red is not as dark as the Cranberries, its more of a rosie red. I thought the red wax might tint the white wax I was pouring on top (and it did a bit) so that's why I didn't make the red really dark. Once the red wax had set, it will go from transparent to opaque, the next layer was ready to be poured. The white layer is scented with Peppermint Essential Oil, yum.

Now even though my kitchen was warm, I did have a little crater around the wick after the wax hardened, which was fine, I needed to remelt the top anyway.

So below is the finished candle. I carefully remelted the top of the candle with my hair dryer. Don't go crazy or you will have wax splattering. Then I set my Cranberries on the melted wax and was really happy the red didn't bleed! They were fun and easy to make and I will use the rest of my wax berries today ( making more candles with some friends!).
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