Saturday, October 29, 2016

Holiday Bath Bombs Trees & Gingerbread

 I'm just starting to make bath bombs for the Holidays.  These bath bombs were made in a Milky Way mold, most Milky Way molds make great bath bombs & soaps.
Above you can see I have added some colour using  green mica. I put a small about in a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, shook the bottle and gave them a spray. The odd tree is from a silicone mold, I made a few but only one turned out:( 
 I have a star ice cube tray so I made a couple of stars too. I have rubbed some gold mica onto the detail of the trees and the tops of the stars. Then I sprinkled on some cosmetic glitter and set everything with a spray of clear rubbing alcohol.
 I tried a close up hoping the glitter would show a little better.
And lastly is the tree from the silicone mold and the only gingerbread man I was able to salvage (from the same mold). The gingerbread man is sprayed with alcohol mxed with a little bronze mica. I have a Milky Way Gingerbread mold I'm going to try because  really like the combination of bronze mica & sparkle. Thanks for reading, any questions let me know!

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