Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gummy Bear Candles

Here is my first attempt and layering coloured wax and adding embeds to candles. I made some little soy wax gummy bears in a few colours, you want all  of the colours different from the colour of the top layer. So below are the wax bears, there are two shades of green, I used the darker green, orange and yellow.

For the colour, I melted some scented wax beads in various colours plus some soy wax candle bits ( I save by candle scraps), I was kind of limited in my colour choices to what I had on hand.
Each colour for pouring was melted in a separate container and once the wax was melted I added fragrance, each layer has a different scent. You can melt the layers for the candles one at a time because you have to wait for the poured layer to turn opaque before pouring the next layer. I didn't worry about temperature because soy wax has such a low melting point. I left the wicks long and positioned them with pencils (see this post).

Now for adding the wax embeds, in this case the Gummy Bears, from what I have read it is recommended to wait until the top layer had just about hardened up and then to set them with a gentle little push. I chickened out and let the wax harden as if I wasn't adding any embeds, then I melted the top a little with my hair dryer (like you would do if you were smoothing out the top) and sets the bears into the melted wax. Don't melt too deep and don't hold they dryer to close, the wax could splatter. One thing I would do differently is trim the wick before melting the top. The wicks I use have a wax coating and that wax can melt and get on the coloured wax.

These were fun to make, the jars came in a pack of 4 and I made all 4 at once. I messed up on the amounts a bit, that's why the bottom layer is the thickest :)
The embed molds can be used for soap too!

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