Thursday, September 22, 2016

Blueberry Honey & Pumpkin Maple Soap Cake

I'll post the pictures first and then the recipe at the bottom.

This is the Pumpkin Soap Recipe from last year with the addition of some Blueberry Honey and of course it looks a little different too. I made a separate non pumpkin batch of soap for the piping and the blueberries are made with Melt & Pour soap.
For the piping, should give you about 1 pound of soap:
113 grams Coconut Oil
100 grams Palm Oil
25 grams Cocoa Butter
124 grams Olive Oil
52 grams Sodium Hydroxide
134 grams Distilled Water
Optional: Titanium Dioxide for whitening
Get these oils and your sodium hydroxide solution ready. You will want to mix this soap up before you start mixing the Pumpkin Soap. While the solution is cooling and you are slowly melting the hard oils you can start working on the Pumpkin Soap.
Pumpkin Soap Recipe about 3 pounds of soap:
340 grams Coconut Oil
298 grams Palm Oil
75 grams Cocoa Butter
370 grams Olive Oil
156 grams Sodium Hydroxide
340 grams Distilled Water
50 grams canned Pumpkin
20 grams Cream
2 tbsp. Blueberry Honey
Optional: Whatever fragrance you would like to add and any decorations, you really don't need the piping or the melt & pour blueberries if you're going for a traditional bar.
Mix the Pumpkin and Cream together and set aside. Measure out the honey later when you need it.
Get the Sodium Hydroxide solution ready, weigh out the oils and slowly melt the solids. I don't pay too much attention to temperatures but honey is a heater so try and stay below 90.
The smaller  (non pumpkin) batch should be cooled and ready first. So mix that first, add the olive oil to the other oils if you haven't already, then the lye solution and Titanium Dioxide. Blend to a medium to heavy trace and then just leave it in the pot where it will continue to thicken.
When the lye solution and the oils for your Pumpkin soap have cooled do the same. Add the olive oils to the other oils if you haven't already and then add the lye solution. Start to blend the oils and lye solution and then add the pumpkin/cream. Once you have reached a thin trace add the honey and fragrance. I used 2 tsp each of Pumpkin Crunch Cake & Maple fragrance oils.  Blend a little more to incorporate the honey and fragrance. I started filling my molds at a medium trace and it had thickened up quite a bit by the time I was finished.
OK now back to the soap frosting, it still wasn't thick enough to pipe once I had poured the pumpkin soap.  I had to wait for about an hour, which was OK because the pumpkin soap got to firm up a little.
Once it was thick enough I filled my piping bag and started piping not knowing if I had too much or not enough. With the amount of piping I did I had a very small amount left over, if I wasn't so wrung out at that point I could have kept adding more and used it up but I was wanting to get the berries on. In the picture at the top of the post there are a few soaps with only one berry but after I took that photo I went back added another berry to those soaps, so each soap cake and soap cupcake have two berries. The last thing I did was add some cosmetic glitter and spray the soaps with rubbing alcohol.
Last year I poured this soap into a loaf mold and I remember it got really hot, I think I might have put it in the fridge for a while. This soap gelled, I could see it even with the piping and I did get a small amount of ash on the cakes which steamed off easily. Its still curing but I'm really happy with it!
Thanks for stopping by, any questions let me know!

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