Friday, October 23, 2015

Playing with Mica & Stamping Soap

I was doing some organizing of my soap stuff and came across a Milky Way soap stamp. It had been used, but not for years.
I've tried it out recently on a couple of soaps I've made for the holidays. Above is a soap fragranced with Juniper and Fir and coloured with Chromium Green Oxide.

These pictures are not great, I have a hard time photographing mica. Above I hope you can see that I added some gold mica to the top of the soap and below are a couple of the bars I stamped.
(Edit: There is also some ash on the top of this soap that I have since steamed off making the gold pop a little more.)

And the soaps below are fragranced with Victorian Christmas and stamped with some white mica.

The snowflakes are rubbed with some of the same mica.

Here's the top of the soaps that I stamped, I added white mica mixed with a little bit of oil and then swirled it. If you do this right after you pour your soap the excess oil will be absorbed.
Any questions let me know and thanks for looking!

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