Thursday, October 29, 2015

Candy Cane Swirls

The first three pictures of this post are my attempt at a Taiwan swirl without using dividers in the mold. There is a really good video at Soaping 101 where the soap lines are poured by hand and the swirl comes out really pretty and wispy. I wanted lines like that for my Candy Cane soap and as you can see this did not work for me (:  I think my soap was too thick and my mold is too tall.  I will try this again but not this year. 

So I made a second batch, this time using the dividers in my mold and attempted wispy lines by layering white soap with the coloured soap and swirling it before I took the dividers out. So I had one slot with white soap, and the next had red and white layered and swirled, then another slot of just white and a slot of green and white layered and swirled. 

After I removed the dividers I did a back and forth zig zag with a skewer, going all the way down, and then circled around the edge of the mold 6 times.

So neither batch of soap was exactly what I was going for but I think they still look pretty and the scent is so good, I used Peppermint Essential Oil with Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance oil. The fragrance oil is supposed to be non discolouring and so far the colours have not changed!
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