Friday, May 23, 2014

Hibiscus Tray and Five Heart Molds

Originally this post was just going to feature one of a few new molds, the Hibiscus Tray mold. This is a newly designed Milky Way Mold and since I have quite a few of their tray molds and since most of them hold 2lbs of soap, I assumed this one did too.
I melted 1lb each of white goat milk soap and (purple) coloured glycerin soap together, I did add a little extra purple colourant to the melted soap. This soap was scented with Lilac fragrance and then poured into the tray mold. If I had checked on the Milky Way site I would have seen that this tray holds 1.5lbs of soap so I had a fair bit left over. Luckily I had another new mold on hand, the 5 Heart Guest mold, and I had planned to make something with it, so I saved myself a step and filled it with the same soap.

These Hearts are really cute and would make great Wedding favours, they have kind of a Celtic vibe to them.
I don't know why the Hibiscus soaps are both such different colours, its all the same soap and the actual colour is about what these hearts look like. There's a couple of other new molds too, I'll play with them next week. Thanks for looking!

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