Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Confetti Soap

 I had some soap that I was not really happy with. Part of the soap had the side embeds pictured below. Here is the post where I made that soap, the soap in the post was OK, it actually all sold right away. I made a second loaf of soap that I didn't post, the centre didn't have much colour and I just didn't like it. So that's how the soap you see here was born. This is a 3lb batch and I think I stirred in 1lb of grated (reject) soap.

The embeds are the coloured portion of the grated soap. I just used a hand held grater, it goes pretty fast.

I had enough soap left for four of the bars pictured below, we are already using one. I added Energize fragrance to the soap, its a Minty Citrus so it goes well with the grated soap and the nice Spring weather we are having:)  Thanks for stopping by!

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