Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pink Licorice

So I took a break from using my mold dividers and did a hanger swirl. I used a dark grey mica and was happy with the resulting black and mixed some pink ultramarine and hot pink mica for the pink.
A mix of Raspberry fragrance oil and Aniseed Essential oil make up the Pink Licorice fragrance.
I got some nice big bars from the batch. Using my silicone mold without the dividers means I can fill the mold all the way up and it stays full. I still haven't mastered pulling out the dividers without loosing soap.
Below is a photo of my Licorice soap from last year and the recipe. The recipe makes a little over 4 pounds, for my 3lb silicone mold I multiplied the amounts by .75
Lye/ Water Portion:
208 grams lye
539 grams water
454 grams Coconut oil
398 grams Palm oil
100 grams Cocoa Butter
495 grams Olive oil
If you want to see my home made hanger you can check out this post.
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