Friday, September 18, 2015

Lemongrass with Poppy Seeds & A New Soap Cutter!

This a some Lemongrass with Poppy Seed soap I made last week. I coloured it with some Black Oxide, Chromium Green Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. I used the same mold as in my last two posts with the dividers. What's new is my nice straight cuts, I finally  bought myself a proper soap cutter. I have a picture of the cutter posted at the bottom of this post.
 Nice cuts means the bars are all exactly the same size and with the type of swirling I'm doing you get these mirror image bars and its easy to pair them up for photographs.
 I have four pairs, each pair is a little different. In the dividers I alternated rows of white and coloured soap, two rows of each. The coloured rows have a mix of green, black and a bit of white, I just kept layering in the different colours, this resulted in a real variety in the way the bars look.

I forgot to put my Titanium Dioxide/Water through a strainer, you can see little TD dots in the bars on the left.

But overall I'm really happy with this soap and I love, love this cutter.
Here is the cutter, I bought it  on Etsy from Workshop Heritage, if you look them up type the name
as one word. Thanks for looking!
Oops, I also meant to post a picture of the soap before I cut it. Here it is along with one of the 4 bars before they were split. They were taken with my tablet in a darkish kitchen :)
Thanks again for reading!


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