Friday, July 24, 2015

Rainbow Rose Soap

I've made another Melt & Pour soap project with my new Rose Silicone soap mold. I'm really happy that it turned our the way I had pictured it, that doesn't always happen. The three colours of glycerin soap were melted separately in measuring cups, there were only about 3.5 squares of each colour, I only wanted 1/2 pound total in glycerin soap. For the goat milk soap base I melted 1 pound. I poured the goat milk soap in to the mold and then poured one colour at a time, you can see the order in the picture. I normally would have tried pouring all the colours at once but I worked fast and it worked our pretty good! I scented with goat milk soap with English Rose fragrance.

My favorite parts are the purple and pink. I used coloured glycerin soap but added some purple mica to the purple and had to make my own orange by adding orange colourant to some yellow soap.
I still need to trim the bottoms a little but I think the side view has a nice rainbow effect too. Now I really need to try a cold process recipe in this mold! 

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