Friday, July 31, 2015

Little Lemongrass Bars

 This is a new to me mold that I received in June and just got around to trying. I was so excited to find a mold with dividers, there are two sets of dividers, one going the width of the mold as pictured here, and also a set going the length of the mold. 
I made a batch of Lemongrass scented soap, split it in half and coloured each half a different shade of green. I filled each slot with alternating greens, but not without some difficulty. The dividers are held in place at the top but not the bottom, so as I was filling each slot the bottom of the divider was moving and soap was running under the divider.
It took a bit of time too, so my soap was thickening as I was filling the mold. This ( I think) contributed to the amount of soap that was WASTED. You see, once the mold is filled the dividers have to be removed. A lot of soap was on the dividers when I pulled them out and I had my sink full warm water to plunk them into. Even if I'd had a few molds to scrape the soap into I don't know if I would have taken the time, my soap had gotten really thick by then, too thick to do the swirl top that I had planned.
And now look how my mold is only half full, that's why I'm calling these Little Lemongrass Bars, the mold was filled almost to the top with the dividers in it, not so much once the dividers were removed.
Here are the final bars. As you can see on the top I just did a simple swirl with a skewer and the colours ended up melding together. I could have made this soap is a simple drawer organizer but I will try this mold again. Maybe I did something wrong? Any ideas, let me know:)
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