Friday, February 27, 2015

Mango Cherry Paisley Tray

I trashed my Paisley Tray soap mold last year. After many uses and a bit of rough handling, the corners had all cracked, you can see below how I tried taping them up. I was sold out of these molds and my patch job only lasted so long so I switched to using other molds for a few months.

Last month I ordered in a few new Milky Way molds and restocked the Paisley Tray and the Shell Tray as well. Below is my first soap for the year with my new Paisley Tray. Its fragranced with Mango & Cherry fragrance oils. The majority of the soap is Goat Milk base coloured with a little Lime Green colourant. The Glycerin soap is Pink Glycerin soap base and I've added a little Pink Mica to amp up the colour a bit. You can see how I poured it here.
 I tried a close up thinking the green would show a little better, its not as pale in real life, but not really bright either.
 I'm going to put aside a spare of this mold for myself, just is case. The Paisley Tray and Shell Tray will both be 10% off for the month of March. Thanks for stopping by.


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