Sunday, February 15, 2015

Great Soapy Display From Lion & Rose

What I like about this display:
The boxes are all the same, this gives the display a nice uniform look. ( I think they are wooden CD holders). The simplicity lets you focus on the soap.
The fragrances are clearly marked and easy to read. You don't need to pick up the bars or even look at the bars to read the fragrance. By displaying the fragrance on the box the print is large and clear.
The price is also clearly marked and easy to read. The name of the business plus the price are the focal point of the display, there are also business cards with the sign in a tidy holder.
Its a little hard to see but there are tags attached to each soap that I am guessing list the fragrance and ingredients. This is genius, a person could read the ingredients list without actually picking up bar.
Having said all of that, how could you resist picking up a bar when the display is so simple and inviting.
 Next time you are planning your craft sale table, think about this soaper and her wise decision to let her soap to be the star of the show. Step out from behind your table and a few feet or even a few yards away. How much important information  can you pick out just from walking by. What would make you want to stop and walk over? Lastly, I want to mention  the most important aspect of this whole setup, the smile on the person behind the table. She is the owner of Lion & Rose Handmade Soap, you can read more about her here on her blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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