Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lemon Biscotti Soap

 Here's the Lemon Biscotti Melt & Pour soap I was going to make for the last newsletter. I got one made and then decided to do another. For a 2lb tray  mold I used 1lb each of Goat Milk and Yellow Glycerin melt and pour soap, I melted both soaps together. Once melted I stirred in a pinch of bronze mica and 1 Tsp each of Lemon Essential Oil and Biscotti Fragrance oil. The pictures are pretty plain, I just wanted to show how the bronze mica tones down the bright yellow. The soap above is done in the OpArt tray mold. The one below was done in the Paisley tray mold. Tip: If you have trouble getting the mica to mix nicely, spray it with a little rubbing alcohol.
 Soapy group shot below, don't know why the colour looks so different, it stays the same when you cut it. The above photos are more true to life. Thanks for looking!

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