Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blackberry Sage Tea Hanger Swirl

I used my own recipe for this soap but all the credit for the technique goes to the Soaperstar video here on You Tube.
Lye/ Water Portion:
208 grams lye
539 grams water
454 grams Coconut oil
398 grams Palm oil
100 grams Cocoa Butter
495 grams Olive oil
Also used 6 tsp Blackberry Sage Tea fragrance oil, Titanium Dioxide and Purple Ultramarine

I blended to a very light trace and then divided the soap into three large measuring cups, I had a little more in the container of soap I was colouring white. So to that measuring cup I added some titanium dioxide and to the other two  I added purple ultramarine colourant. I was working with powders for my colours so I mixed them with a little water first, the extra water also helped keep the soap thin. One container got a little more purple than the other so I would have two shades. This is how I layered the soap: white, light purple, dark purple, white, dark purple, light purple and then white with sort of a mix of all the colours on top. Fragrance was added to all three containers after the soap was coloured.
 Below is a picture of the end of the soap loaf before cutting and at the bottom of the post is a picture of the hanger I used.
So the next two pictures are of what I did with the leftover soap, my loaf mold only holds 3 lbs. I used a 6 inch drawer organizer for the remaining 1lb of soap and poured it as if pouring over a column. You just keep pouring layers in to one spot and pushing the previous layer out. I should have taken a picture of the top before I cut it, sorry.

 And lastly, my hanger, hand bent by me and thickened up with a couple of chop sticks and some tape. Am I high tech or what? Thanks for stopping by!

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