Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunflower Soap

From the October newsletter, forgot to post it here!

Recipe is from The Soapmakers Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch
454 grams Coconut Oil
398 grams Palm Oil
595 grams Sunflower Oil
201 grams Sodium Hydroxide
438 grams distilled water
100 grams pureed carrots
(original recipe has 538 grams of water without the carrots)
5 to 7 tsp of fragrance or essential oil
dried calendula (optional) not in original recipe
2tsp honey (optional) not in original recipe

I added all of the sodium hydroxide to the water and then threw the pureed carrots in to the sodium hydroxide solution once it had cooled. I worked at just under 100 degrees. The calendula petals were ground and warmed with the sunflower oil and the honey was added at trace. The soap was scented with a blend of  Creme Brulee and Pecan Pie fragrance oils.

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