Friday, September 30, 2011

Pumpkin Soap 2006

From our Oct 2006 newsletter. We no longer carry Avocado oil but most health food stores do, or you could sub with more Olive oil and run it through a lye calculator.
We’ve brought in some pumpkin oil for those of you who want to try incorporating it into a pumpkin soap recipe. This recipe is for semi-experienced soapers. Here’s our new version of Pumpkin soap:

200 grams Avocado Oil

300 grams Olive Oil

100 grams Pumpkinseed Oil

396 grams Palm Oil

454 grams Coconut Oil

202 grams Lye

338 grams Distilled Water

100 grams each of canned pumpkin & cream mixed together

When your lye solution and your oils are both at 100 degrees, gently warm the pumpkin and cream solution to around 90 degrees. Add your lye solution to the oils and begin to stir, then add the pumpkin mixture. Bring to a medium trace and fragrance as desired.

(The Pumpkin Soap above is pictured with a couple of bath bombs.)

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