Friday, September 23, 2011

Pumpkin Soap 2004

Here's a rerun of a newsletter from 2004. Included is a basic recipe for Pumpkin Soap.
We’ve got some fun Pumpkin recipes in this newsletter for you to try. If you don’t make cold process soaps give the face masks a try. Both masks should make enough for you and a buddy- just make sure you have someone else to answer the door.

Pumpkin & Whipping Cream Soap (for those already familiar with making CP Soap)

This recipe is a variation of Cavitch’s Soap Essentials Bar from “The Soapmakers Companion”.

201 grams Sodium Hyroxide

269 grams distilled water

595 grams olive oil

454 grams coconut oil

397 grams palm oil

100 grams canned pumpkin

169 grams cream or milk

Mix sodium hydroxide solution and set aside to cool. Melt Coconut & Palm oils, add olive oil. When temps are just below 100F, mix the cream & pumpkin together & gently heat to around 90 to 95F. Add sodium hydroxide solution to oil, and begin to stir. Then get your warmed pumpkin/milk mixture into the pot and bring the soap to a medium trace. Fragrance as desired. We used Pumpkin Pie Fragrance (5 tsp) plus 2 tsp of Cinnamon Bun Fragrance. This soap takes about 4 weeks to cure.

What to do with the leftover pureed pumpkin- how about wearing it? Pumpkin contains enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells, and combined with an acidic fruit makes a great face mask. As with all face masks, please do a patch test before using.

Pumpkin & Honey Exfoliation Mask

2 tbsp pumpkin

2 tsp drained pureed pineapple (or papaya)

1 tbsp honey

4 tbsp cornmeal

Mix together and thin with approx ½ tsp of green tea or oil (sweet almond, apricot kernel, sunflower or sesame)

Add 2 or 3 drops of essential oil if desired

Massage into clean skin using circular motions gently buffing away dead skin cells. Leave a thin layer of the mask on the skin for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water and gently pat skin dry. Apply a gentle moisturizer ( I don’t like applying creams with Alpha Hydroxy Acids etc right after using an exfoliating mask).

Pumpkin & Egg White Mask

For a gentler mask, wisk together 2 tbsp of pumpkin with 1 tbsp of pureed pineapple or papaya. Add 1 egg white and continue to wisk until well blended. Apply to clean skin and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing. Apply a gentle moisturizer.

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