Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pumpkin Soap

If you want your pumpkin soap ready for Thanksgiving, now is the time to make it. Here are two recipes from past newsletters.
Without Pumpkinseed Oil:
201 grams lye
269 grams water
mix and let cool
595 grams olive oil
454 grams coconut oil
397 grams palm oil
melt together and let cool
100 grams canned pumpkin
169 grams of cream
warm gently to 100 degrees F
Now when everthing is at about 100 degrees put it all together and bring it to trace. Let it cure for 3 weeks. The next recipe uses different oils but you will make it the same way.
Recipe with Pumpkinseed Oil
338 grams water
206 grams lye
200 grams avocado Oil
300 grams olive Oil
100 grams pumpkinseed Oil
396 grams palm Oil
434 grams coconut Oil
100 grams canned pumpkin
100 grams cream
Use directions as posted above. Please be familiar will all safety aspects of making cold process soap before trying these recipes. Have fun!

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