Monday, September 20, 2010

Autum Leaves

Back in the day ,when I first started playing with melt & pour soap, I realized swirled soap was pretty much impossible to do with this kind of soap. Too thin when melted. So I settled for what I called a tye died look. This soap is inspired by the tye died soap I used to make.

For three leaves I melted about 3/4lb of clear soap. It was 16 squares. Then I fragranced the soap and divided it into separate containers. With the help of my sister, each mold was filled by pouring the different coloured soaps in at the same time. The two soaps in the soap dish used red, yellow, green and cappucino mica coloured soaps. The darkness of the mica coloured soaps seemed to overpower all of the other colours. For the next batch we did only three colours: red, green and yellow. The yellow had a little beige mica added to it. For this size of mold the three colour combo seems to work better. Get a soaping buddy and try it out! Or if you don't have a helper try the tye die look. Melt clear glycerin and goat milk soaps in separate containers. Fragrance if desired. Colour the clear soap but not the white soap. Now pour both soaps into your mold at the same time. For both of these methods try and pour into different parts of the mold. So for tye die pour the white at one end and the coloured at the other. Thats why three colours worked better for the leaves, even though we had four hands it was hard to find four spots in the mold to pour the soap. Have a good week everyone!

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