Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shimmering Massage Bars

Here's a June Newsletter sneak peak. The pink hearts are a Pink Grapefruit Massage (moisture) Bar with pink mica and grapefruit essential oil. The white ones are Lavender Massage Bars with lavender essential oil and white mica - the shimmer in these ones doesn't show as well in the picture. They are quite shimmery.
Recipe for 2 bars:
3 oz Cocoa Butter
1 tsp Sweet Almond Oil
1 tsp Essential Oil
1 pinch of mica (about 1/4 tsp)
You can add more mica if you like, most of the mica will sink into the mold.
Melt your Coco Butter. I melted mine in the microwave in a pyrex measuring cup. In my microwave 2 minutes plus 1 minute, with a few minutes rest in between, was perfect. The few minutes rest was to cool the measuring cup, you don't want it to overheat and explode.
Stir in the Almond Oil, Essential Oil and mica. Let this cool. I like to wait until it starts to look slightly opaque. Stir one more time before pouring into your mold. This recipe filled two of the Mold Market Guest Heart molds. Since this is a four cavity mold, you can double the recipe and make four of one kind at a time.
A little note: I like to put my bars in the fridge to harden. I find they come out of the molds nicely that way but they will be a little slippery. Just leave them out for a day or so before you package them. They'll be easier to handle that way.

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