Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bath Bombs + Embeds + Mica Painting

The batch of bath bombs pictured below are hiding pink & purple embeds, sorry you can't see them and I wasn't smart enough to take of picture of them before I placed them in the bombs. I made the embeds with equal parts citric acid and baking soda, plus a fair amount of powdered colourant. They were dampened with rubbing alcohol but witch hazel would work too. I made mine a little too wet and it took a few days for them to dry, they weren't the prettiest but it doesn't matter.
I mixed some micas with alcohol and practiced a little painting on this plain bath bomb I had left over from Christmas. I've used gold, silver mist and purple haze micas.

Then I was brave enough to try it on these hearts. I'm not a good painter so I'm really just highlighting the design on the bath bombs.

The larger hearts I had to do more freehand. These hearts were made in a baking tray.

Here's the tray (from Dollarama) it was $3.00, not sure if its for cookies or cupcakes. I'm sure it would make nice Melt & Pour soaps too.
These are the micas mixed with alcohol. If you have any left over it will dry up but you can add more alcohol and use it again.

And below you can see the pink/purple/fizz/foam from the bath bomb. I added polysorbate to my bath bomb mixture which created the foam and also emulsified the colours and the water.

Thanks for looking/ reading, any questions let me know!

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