Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tall & Skinny

At first glance this looks like nothing new, I've made and posted pictures of Black Raspberry Vanilla soap on here at least twice. Same old colours, hanger swirl etc. What's different here is the size. This is my first Tall & Skinny soap so I will admit to going with a tried and true fragrance and colours that I am used to working with too. These aren't the greatest pictures, I seem to have misplaced my camera and used my tablet for all of these photos. Anyway lets get to them because the surprise is a few photos down and its not the soap.

I made a full batch, I'll post the recipe at the bottom. It's my usual and is just over 4 lbs. For this amount of soap I added 5 tsp of Black Raspberry Vanilla fragrance. Its a well behaved fragrance so I was able to add it at a light trace, before I split the soap up for colouring.

The photo above is off in colour, I took it in a different light but it does show the tall and skinny size of the bar. The bars below are a little more true to colour. I used pink ulatrmarine powder for the pink colour and some purple ultramarine with some plum coloured mica for the purple. To the top I added a little glitter. These bars remind me of Stonehenge:)

Below is the soap in the mold. The surprise is I made that mold. Myself. All by myself, with some help from Youtube. If you do a search there will be a few videos and once you've seen these pictures you probably won't need to watch a video.

My mold was taped together with duct tape, I peeled it off to unmold the soap.

I'm hoping to retape the mold and use it again, at least a few more times.
I was dying to cut this and see how it looked inside. Overall I'm pretty happy with it.
Here's a couple more pictures of the mold. I used one of my Store Closing signs, its a plastic type of cardboard,  I can't spell the real name LOL.

This stuff is hard to cut. Next time I'll get myself a new sharp box cutter with a long blade!

Here's the size of mold I wanted: 11 inches long, 2.75 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. The cuts I made were all 4.5 inches, the height of the mold, I had to make sure I had 2.75 inches between and 11 inches between the other way. I'm sure that makes no sense but hopefully the picture helps. Once the cuts are made the mold has to be scored (you cut through one layer of the plastic) so you can fold the sides and ends up. The recipe  used is one I adapted from The Soapmakers Companion and it was dumb luck that it filled the mold perfectly.
454 grams of Coconut Oil
398 grams of Palm Oil
100 grams of Coco Butter
495 grams of Olive Oil
208 grams of Lye
539 grams of Distilled Water
Follow all safety guidelines for making cold process soap. Work a little cooler, 80 degrees? I don't pay too much attention to temperature but with a mold this size the soap will heat up and gel without any help. At a light trace I added the fragrance, split the soap in three and coloured it. The white soap went into the mold first, then purple, then white, then pink. I topped it off with some leftover white and a mish mash of the remaining pink and purple. My hanger was a teeny bit shorter than the mold but I managed to swirl all of the soap. Here's a link if you want to see my hanger. For the fragrance, colourants and oils here's my website
Thanks for reading my longest post ever, any questions let me know!

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