Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gingerbread Puppy Paw

 So last time I did this.

And this time I did this. I thought it would be easier than just filling in the paw and it would have been if I had remembered not to fill the whole circle. When you're pouring soap into small areas, just fill it a little over half and then spray with rubbing alcohol, it will usually fill the rest of the way on its own. So I had a lot of cleanup to do:) Once I had cleaned off my over pour I did spray all of the paws with rubbing alcohol and then topped up the mold with some Goat Milk soap base. The glycerin soap paws were left unscented and coloured with some bronze mica, the Goat Milk soap has a little bronze mica for colour and is scented with Gingerbread fragrance. The shadows on both of these pictures is from me, I couldn't find a place to stand without a shadow :(  Thanks for looking!

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