Thursday, April 30, 2015

Star Anise and Green Tea Soap Fail

 I've had this soap in my  head for three weeks and yesterday was the day to make it. I had pre weighed all my ingredients so this was supposed to be a fairly easy batch of soap to make.  I had planned a swirl in the pot but the phone rang just as I had finished doing the fragrance and colouring so I was pouring it in to the mold in layers as I was talking. After I hung up I did a bit of a swirl and finished the top.
Overall I was really happy, the Green Tea fragrance did not accelerate trace and smelled really great with the Star Anise. I used chromium green oxide for the green, titanium dioxide with poppy seeds for the white and activated charcoal for the touch of black.

Later that day........ I realized I had left the olive oil out. Oh no! I unmolded it last night and made a cut so I could see the swirl. So here it is, at least I have pictures because the soap is going in the garbage:( I'll try again for sure. Has this ever happened to you?

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